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Don't Let Tinnitus Destroy Your Brain's Memory Banks
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Not only can Tinnitus degrade your hearing but new scientific studies reveal that it can aslo destroy your memories.  Don't let this happen to you.   A new product called Cortexi can both restore your hearing levels as well as ensure that your memories are preserved...
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New Arrival

Men!... Solve Your Prostate Problems Once and For All!



Get Flow Force Max

The Natural Formula That
Supports Prostate Health

FlowForce Max is an innovative, natural, and effective way to address your prostate problems while increasing your energy, libido, and vitality.

Got Type II Diabetes?
Forget About Metformin Or Endless Insulin Injections To Control Your Blood Sugar...There's An Alternative...
In Fact, You Can Flush Away Your High Blood Sugar...

Flush away high blood sugar
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New Supplement Quickly Treats
Joint Pain

Joint genesis with dr weiss
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Vitamins & Supplements to Help You
Live a Healthier & Longer Life!

We'll guide you through your wellness journey by recommending life-changing and life-extending vitamins and supplements.

One of the top products we highly recommend is UltraMito Restore 3.0. which will take your health and wellness to the next level no matter your age or current medical condition.

Check it out and restore your health and get back to the active and vibrant life you so richly deserve.


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At Excellent Health, Your Health is Our Mission

We're not just a health and wellness company, we're health and wellness enthusiasts. We're passionate about nutrition and helping others become the best version of themselves.

At Excellent Health, we're dedicated to recommending the best health and wellness products and services to our customers. Our main objective is to help you achieve and realize all of your health and wellness goals so you can become a better you.

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What Sets Us Apart?

If you think all online health and wellness vendors are the same, think again. Discover what sets Excellent Health apart.

 All Natural Supplements & Vitamins... No Synthetics

 A Large Assortment And Variety of Vitamins & Supplements To Meet A Wide Array Of Health Challenges And Problems

 Deep Discounts And Price Breaks For Both New And Old Customers

 Expert Information and Guidance From Recognized Authorities In The Health & Wellness Field

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Help Real People Just like You


Bio Complete 3 User...


"I have only been taking the pills for 10 days and literally from day 2 I have felt a calmness come over my digestive system And my intense cravings for carbs and sugars have disappeared. I would not believe this if it wasn’t happening to me. I am so grateful for this opportunity to finally sort out my gut health which has been plaguing me for many years."

- Elaine Phipps 


Vital Reds User...

Welcome to real health!

I’ve been using vital reds for over 2 years now and I noticed a marked improvement in My overall health both physically and mentally. I highly recommend this product along with other products Dr. Gundry offers. Taking these with minimal exercise makes you feel much much better, especially in the older years like me I’m 66 and I feel like I’m 46. Thank you Dr. Gundry for all of your excellent products!

-Joseph Keating  


ProPlant Complete Shake User

Off to a great start

I have been using ProPlant for about two weeks now. I’m really starting to notice an increase in stamina and energy as well as an overall feeling of well-being. I’ve been taking it for breakfast seven days a week and find I am completely satisfied until at least lunchtime. I ordered the chocolate flavor for my first order and found the taste of cocoa a bit strong. I’ve ordered the vanilla flavor for my second order. I’m confident it will improve my taste issue. Thanks for helping with my goal to better my health.

-Jamie Morrison

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